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FOX News
Dec 9, 2013 7:00pm PST
that. y'all know the word i'm talking about -- obama care. >> with reaction to that and more rudy giuliani. i thought of you when i heard this because when you tried to turn new york around, end crime and the murder rate you were eviscerated in the press. >> absolutely. >> everything you said -- >> everything i said was seen as somehow racially motivated. the thing that was strange and counter productive, everything i was doing had tremendous benefit for the minority community, more than the white community. when crime was at 2,000 murders a year, proportionately that was affecting the african-american and latino community. when the number came up by $65% the lives that were saved were primarily african-american lives and latino lives. i'll tell you these commentators are one thing. when you talk to people, they are appreciative of it. >> i would go into a community that had a lot of crime. they were begging for more cops. forget civilian complaints. they wanted more cops. how about more cops. >> i want to look down the road. if you say obama care that's a -- >> we really have to
FOX News
Dec 9, 2013 10:00pm PST
you one question about obama. you talk about him in the dr like for example, you talk about too big to fail. what are you talking about? >> well, i remember when the government was coming out with too big to fail. the banks are too big to fail. what does that mean too big to fail? evidently the government hasn't seen two fat people playing twister. you can be too big to fail. are you ready for christmas? >> yeah. i've been a good person all year. >> me, too. i am ready to role on the christmas season. it's going to be me, my kids, my wife, the way it ought to be. i celebrate the jewish holiday, too. that's how -- i love all that stuff. rosh hashanah, christmas, oscars. i lo all of that stuff. >> you got them mixed up. >> kwanzaa, you celebrate that, too? >> yeah, whatever. whatever, go ahead. i'm an equal opportunity se celebrator. look how fat i look on this tv. seriously. can't you bring one small camera in here? >> why don't you go become on nutrisystem? >> it's the holidays. november 10 through december 28 is horrible. no, january 1 is horrible. and you know what's worse than that?
FOX News
Dec 3, 2013 10:00pm PST
? and people thought it was just obama care. and it was not. if you talk to the original tea party people, what they say is they're taking our original freedom away. that is why it hits so hard and so deep. and now the people who predicted it are now watching their liberty being taken away from them. americans don't like that. we believe in giving people a certain amount of freedom of choice about these important decisions and it is all being taken away from it. >> i did appreciate as mayor you didn't take away my coke or salt or trans fat. anyway, mr. mayor, good to see you. >> good to see you. >>> and coming up next, even though democrats are doing their very best to convince you, the american people that obama care is a total train wreck their own words are coming back to haunt them. when we come back, juan williams up next, but first, you have been voting all day, the first option is the pro gun ad that the nfl refuses to run during the super bowl on super bowl sunday. ideologue, ideolog . >>> welcome back to "hannity," now democrats are trying to gloss over the botched rollout
FOX News
Dec 6, 2013 7:00pm PST
help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. >>> welcome back. as obama care continues to unravel we are hearing more stories about average americans who are feeling the pain from this disastrous law. despite the president's promise that americans could keep their plan, their doctor my next guest was recently told her health plan would be cancelled. eileen has a 17-year-old daughter named johanna. she was diagnosed with a rare neurological disease at 3 months old. she's under gone 86 surgeries since the diagnosis. eileen says her insurance company notified her that the plan would be terminated and the only feasible option would be to join the exchange, increasing her premium by $1,000 57bd and cutting her daughter's access to her hospital and doctors. good to see you. your daughter is a sweetheart. she just got out of icu. >> she did. just today actually. >> 86. she's 17 years old. 86 surgeries. >> mm-hmm. >> that's tough. >> it is. >> it's hard. >> yeah, it is. >> i also spoke with -- you ha
FOX News
Dec 5, 2013 10:00pm PST
talking about young people. what the obama care package is was intentionally designed to screw over young people. was it a mistake? it wasn't an accident. it was a package intentionally designed to screw over young people. he's spending all day now talking about young people. to your point, it's very true. we never tried at a federal level ending junk lawsuits. never tried having doctors and hospitals tell us what they are charging. never tried pooling people together to drive down costs and increase access. we have never tried it. we proposed it. they shut us out from the process. the democrats say either european health care or nothing. that's a false choice. most would vote him out of office. >> 50 -- >> go ahead. >> 52% of young people would recall the president based on this law. >> and 57% don't want obama care. now you look at another core constituency. we heard after the election about the latino vote in america. look at the latest poll out of gallup. the support of of the president has gone down 23% among hispanic voters. that's a huge discrepancy. from where he was a year
FOX News
Dec 2, 2013 10:00pm PST
. they are devaluing our money like crazy. i see what is happening with obama care. if you look at that, i mean, all of the things we talked about when i was, you know, your on-air co-worker, all those things have happened. people don't either care or didn't listen or whatever. it doesn't matter. other things that we talked about and other things we now are seeing are going to happen. the dollar is not going to last. what does the world look like? you know, we have two ways to go. we can tear each other apart or we can see the world that amazon was talking about last night. >> wasn't that amazing? >> literally the sky is the limit. everything you know is about to change. i'm really focused on the american people. i think until you see a change in consciousness of the republican party which i don't think will happen, but god bless them if you can get it done. until there is a change of consciousness, einstein said the consciousness that created the problem cannot solve the problem. it's time for a new consciousness. >> listen, i think there's got to be a solution -- actually secured
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)